Our Story

Meet the team that helped build the careers of innovative music artists including Awolnation, Kygo, Kelly Clarkson and others. Parts + Labor Records is a full-service, artist-led music company. In real terms, that means we transparently care about each artist we sign. We respect our roster, our team, their art and their potential.

We've created an environment that empowers emerging artists and builds meaningful careers. As a modern music company stacked with energetic creatives, we are laser-focused on making adventurous and authentic records with artists we love and respect. Our world-class studio is professionally designed and built on classic analog gear and the best modern technology.

And, just as important, we don't stop with the finished record. Getting the songs into the hearts and ears of a global audience is a challenge we embrace. We collaborate with amazing marketing talent to construct and execute sustainable launch campaigns that build consistent momentum. We believe in simplifying the relationships, being transparent, open and honest. These are the tenants we live, breath and create by. We pride ourselves on being small, fast and agile – able to meet artists where they are, and take them where they've never been.

Our Team


Parts + Labor was birthed in Venice, CA in 2015 by songwriter and producer Jimmy Messer. Jimmy has spent years recording artists like Awolnation, Kygo, and Kelly Clarkson, as well as many lesser known, but equally talented and deserving artists. Jimmy has devoted the last decade to developing new talent and launching meaningful careers. Those experiences, some successful and others heartbreaking, inspired him to start P+L. "Technology has leveled the playing field when it comes to the production and distribution of music, and we embrace the opportunities that provides," states Messer. 

Welcome to Parts + Labor. We're making music that matters, and building careers that endure. Interested in joining our team or finding out more?