Parts + Labor Records was created in Venice, Ca in 2015 by Jimmy Messer.  He’s spent a long time working as a writer, producer, and/ or recording and touring guitarist with artists like Awolnation, Kygo, and Kelly Clarkson, but also several lesser known, equally talented and deserving people.  He has devoted most of the last decade to developing new talent in hopes of them “getting signed”.  Those experiences, some successful and some heartbreaking, inspired him to start this company.  Technology has leveled the playing field when it comes to the production and distribution of music, and Parts + Labor embraces the opportunities that provides.  After years of watching great artists passed over and albums shelved, he’s created an environment free from a warped sense of what is valuable.  P+L is focused on making adventurous, authentic, creative records with artists we love and respect, and then putting them out.

P+L records are made in house.  Our studio was designed and custom built around classic analog gear as well as incorporating all available modern technology.  P+L’s building also hosts a live music venue where we’re we’ll be playing lots of shows.  Be on the lookout for upcoming events.